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Hourly Rates for Freelance Telecom Engineers

In Every freelance engineer can expect some bucks on an average of per hour. The average rate increase by based on engineer experience and client requirement.  The self-employment is an alternative income source for permanent employees. Present IT Market can in most cases their chooses freelancers for telecom and Network engineers. For a sought-after employee, the ideal conditions prevail, in order to be self-employed and to earn good bread as a sole proprietor. This also applies to younger, somewhat more inexperienced engineers.

Some examples of average rates of freelance Telecom engineers, depending on their specialization

  • CAD construction: 54 euros
  • Commissioning/programming of industrial robots: 58 Euro
  • FEM calculation / simulation: 63 euros
  • Development engineer in the field of electronics: 67 Euro

Consultant for functional safety: 78 euros